At NG Terminal, e-commerce retailers, consolidators, and delivery providers have a fully integrated logistics platform providing your business with an expert team, a cohesive range of services and global connections all designed to make moving your goods simple. We offer speed, reliability, and a smooth logistics operation to the UK, the Eurozone, and beyond.We handle all logistics matters for our clients from freight forwarding, customs clearance to import tax submission and reclaim, transportation to the final point of distribution and everything in between.


With a network covering 200 countries, you can count on us to collect your cargo from any part of the world and to safely deliver it to its destination.


No matter whether they are e-Commerce B2C packages, FBA boxes, or courier parcels for gifts, personal belongs, and documents, we can provide both DDP & DAP solutions to work with your business models.


From setting up your postal delivery accounts to hosting your Freight-to-Post and ETOE logistics models, our ETSF and in-house technology are the perfect fit.

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