Attention to everyone in the trade and logistics sector! The Windsor Framework is set to revolutionise the parcel delivery system from Great Britain to Northern Ireland from September 2024. Read the full guidance here:  

How NG Terminal is Responding? 

For E-commerce Businesses: 
Provide B2C and B2B delivery solutions. 
Preparing for streamlined parcel dispatches. 

For FBA Operators: 
Provide consolidation services for imports. 
Committed to facilitating a frictionless logistics process, whether by air, sea or road. 

For excisable goods handling:
Maintaining suspended duties, safeguarding your margins. 
Returned goods grading, reporting, recycling, re-dispatch and tax reclaim. 

We’re set to make the upcoming complexity a breeze for your shipments. The Windsor Framework isn’t just a change—it’s an opportunity for a seamless trade.  

NG Terminal Ltd 👈 Follow us to keep abreast of these changes, learn how to navigate customs with ease, and be part of a community that thrives together. 

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