2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the “Belt and Road” initiative. At the opening ceremony of the Third Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum in Beijing on October 18, President Xi Jinping proposed eight actions to support the high-quality construction of the “Belt and Road,” with the first action being the “construction of a three-dimensional interconnection network for the Belt and Road.”

The action plan clearly states that China will actively promote the integrated development of ports, shipping, and trade in the “Silk Road Maritime Transport” and accelerate the construction of the New Land-Sea Corridor and the Air Silk Road. It can be said that transportation connectivity is the basic support and important guarantee for the construction of the “Belt and Road” and plays a key “pioneer” role.

In line with this vision, the “2023 International Shipping & Logistics Exposition (Shanghai)” (ISL Expo 2023) is set to take place from November 21 to 23 at the Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center.

Co-hosted by China Shipping GazetteShipping & Logistics Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association, and Shanghai Shipping 50-key-stakeholder Development Research Center, with support from The China Association of Port-Of-Entry and the Automatic Identification Manufacture Association of China, the event boasts significant government support from the Shanghai Hongkou District Investment Promotion Office (Maritime Affairs). Supported companies are China COSCO Shipping,China Shipping Port Development Co., Ltd.,Shandong Port Group Co., Ltd.,Xiamen Port Development Co., Ltd.,Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association., Shenzhen Cross-Border E-commerce Association., Shanghai Customs Brokers Association., China Cosco logistics supply chain management.co.Ltd

📅 Event Highlights:

Themed Forums: The expo will host forums like the “Shipper Integrity Initiative,” emphasizing stable and trustworthy relationships vital for the healthy development of supply chains.

Green Logistics: Focusing on industry carbon reduction, the event aligns with the 10th annual meeting of the “China Shipping 50 People Forum” on achieving green decarbonization goals.

Multimodal Connectivity: Recognizing the evolving demands in international logistics, the expo includes a roundtable meeting for logistics companies to discuss the high-quality development of multimodal transportation.

Wide Industry Coverage: With 13,000 square meters of exhibition space, the event attracts nearly 200 companies covering sea, land, air, and rail transport.

🎉 Special Celebrations:
To commemorate the 30th anniversary of China Shipping Gazette, a grand celebration, “Salute to 30 Years,” will take place on November 21 at the Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to connect with industry leaders and explore the latest trends in international shipping and logistics! See you at ISL Expo 2023! 🌐🚢✈️

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