Still buzzing from our jaunt to #OPENeX2023 and Parcel+Post Expo 2023 over in #Amsterdam this October! 🌷

Who from NG Terminal was on the ground? 
👤 Neo Kong – Managing Director & Co-founder 
👤 Anjla Nawaz – Executive Director 
👤 Sam Wong – Business Development Manager 
Here’s the lowdown on what we took away: 
1️⃣ Sustainability’s the way forward! The talks about eco-commerce logistics and the need for green practices in supply chains really resonated with us. 🌏 
2️⃣ Returns don’t have to be a headache. There are clever ways to handle e-commerce returns and find reuse opportunities. ♻️ 
3️⃣ AI’s revolutionising trade compliance and cross-border transactions. It feels like the future’s already here! 🤖 
At NG Terminal Ltd, we’re all about keeping up with the times while also holding onto that personal touch. Our MyNGT platform keeps us connected with our clients, cutting out those annoying data errors and upping our efficiency. 💻 
And let’s not forget about the crucial last-mile delivery. We’re tight with the local legends Royal MailEvri, and DPD UK to ensure your parcels get to you as they should. 📦 
Got a return? No bother. We’ve got the know-how to ensure tax and duty don’t get in your way. 💪 
Lastly, big shout out to the innovative green delivery solutions we spotted at the Parcel+Post Expo, especially those nifty electric bikes! 🚲 
Here’s to a future that’s greener, smarter, and just plain better. 🥂 
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