We’ve got some fresh off the press news from The Bonded Warehousekeepers Association (BWA) to share with your good selves!

What’s the Buzz?  
HM Revenue & Customs has clocked a bit of inconsistency in how several excise warehouses are dealing with duty deferment. So, they’ve sent around a friendly reminder of the golden rules listed in section 11.5.2 of Excise Notice 197: 
• Point 1️⃣: Only the warehouse manager or the owner of the goods (with the appropriate certificate in hand) can defer excise duty when goods are on the way out of the warehouse. 
• Point 2️⃣: Regulation 8 of The Excise Goods Regulations 2010 spells out who needs to cough up the excise duty when goods are waving cheerio to the excise warehouse.

Why Does This Matter? 🌟 
As proud members of the The Bonded Warehousekeepers Association (BWA) family, we at NG Terminal Ltd are absolutely delighted to be able to share these nuggets of wisdom! For the full scoop, don’t be shy, head over to: https://lnkd.in/eKM38QRV

How Can NGT Help? 🤔 
Confused and scratching your head around how this duty deferment malarkey affects you? Drop us a line! We’re here, ears open, brimming with friendly advice to help you navigate these waters. No hard sell, just great expert advice! 

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