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A few months back, we had the pleasure of mingling with some sharp minds and experts at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo event in London, thanks to IDX TV as were esteemed media partners. We delved into some nitty-gritty topics in logistics — especially the hair-pulling challenges of return logistics. For a closer look, check out this video we found super insightful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su927fJbM7A&list=PLFFo7SBUrTFSEVsBl53WlVfyxd_FFft9C&index=11
🤝 How We Fit Into The Puzzle  
Okay, so here’s the deal. We’ve all heard that “the last mile” in shipping is the hardest. That’s where we step in. We’ve teamed up with some amazing UK and international couriers like DPD UKEvriRoyal Mail and DHL. It’s all about getting your stuff where it needs to go without any fuss. 
🚗 For Our UK Friends 
If you’re in the UK, we’ve got a flexible and reliable domestic delivery option that’s pretty awesome. Trust us; we’ve thought of all the little details. 
🌏 Going Global 
For those of you looking beyond the UK, we can help there too. We’ve got this global postal delivery thing down to a science. 
✈️ Beyond the EU 
And if you’re thinking really big (like, other continents big), we’ve got a trans-ship option to get your goods just about anywhere. 
📣 Let’s Talk 
Honestly, we love geeking out over logistics. So, if you’re stuck on how to manage returns or anything else logistics-related, let’s chat! You can hit us up at ngtbd@ng-terminal.com
Looking forward to connecting with all of you! 😊 
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