As eCommerce hit $4T globally, the challenges of cross-border commerce, including undeliverable, unwanted goods, and customer returns, are significant and still emerge as a key strategy for the logistics industry. All retail, logistics and shipping businesses deal with these daily, spending significant time, and resources to address and process the growing demands.  


NG Terminal understand these challenges; the pain points and requirements of businesses involved in international cross-border returns. If you are a company that is struggling to address these challenges, why don’t you partner with NG (Neutral Global) Terminal? Here are three quick points about how they can help you: 


  • NG Terminal have expertise and experience in efficiently handling reverse logistics requirements. In addition, taking care of post-return matters, for example import tax reclaims and the promotion of sustainable processing of unwanted goods, NG Terminal also have a robust IT system MyNGT where all the connections of the inbound and outbound journey of any good can be recorded and tracked. This system gives a transparent shipment journey. 


  • Our efficient processes create a rapid response. With MyNGT, customers interact directly with the right person at the right time. This shortens the time it takes to deal with tasks making the process of returns more rapid than that offered by other companies.  


  • We are a key member with Reverse Logistics Association. Being a core part of this association means that we are committed to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can be.  The ways in which we dispose or repurpose unwanted goods follows best practice in the industry.  


Here is @Neo Kong, Managing Director of NG Terminal being interviewed on the @IDXTV platform at the @Reverse Logistics Association annual event 2023 in Las Vegas. He shares valuable insights and explains why you should partner with NG Terminal. Watch here:  


Speak to NGT and learn more about Return Logistics , and how NGT can help you with your business growth  


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