📢 Navigating the CE Marking Extension: What It Means for UK Businesses and How NG Terminal Can Help 

Great news for UK businesses! The Government has just announced an indefinite extension of the CE marking for products. Fantastic, isn’t it? 🎉 


👉 What’s the Big Deal? 

In simple terms, the CE mark is a kind of passport for products, allowing them to be sold across the European Economic Area. Now, you’ve got the flexibility to use either the UKCA or CE marking here in Great Britain. It’s all about cutting through the red tape and letting you focus on what you do best – growing your business.


Why Should you be interested? 

Well, less time wading through regulations means more time for innovation and growth. That’s a win-win, surely? 🏆 


💬 How does NG Terminal fit in and add value for your business? 

Ever find customs regulations as confusing as a crossword puzzle? That’s where we at NG Terminal come in. We’ve years of experience in: 

E-commerce and B2B customs solutions 📦 

Handling customs for life events like moving home or gift-giving 🏠🎁 

Sorting customs declarations, whether you’re shipping by air, sea or road ✈️🚢🚛 

Keeping you compliant on import taxes, so there are no nasty surprises or fees 🚫 


🤷‍♂️ Still puzzled about customs? No worries; we’re always here for a chat. 


👇 Let’s have a chat 

Curious about this new CE extension or baffled by cross-border logistics? Fancy a chat? Feel free to drop us a line at ngtbd@ng-terminal.com. We’re all about good conversation and valuable information. 


Here’s to making business a bit easier! 🥂 


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