Let’s say you’ve got a product with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 1.3% or more – we’re talking beer, cider, spirits, wine, and other fermented delights. You’ll need to budget for Alcohol Duty when these products are consumed in the UK. But how do you work it out? Here’s @Ng Terminal’s easy guide: 


1️⃣ Know Your Litres: work out the total litres of your inported products. 

2️⃣ Measure Your Alcohol: Calculate the litres of pure alcohol it contains. 

3️⃣ Check the Rate: Use the duty rate table to find the right rate for your product, based on its ABV. 

4️⃣ Do the Maths: Multiply the litres of pure alcohol by the duty rate to get your Alcohol Duty. 


And if you’ve got wine with an ABV between 11.5% and 14.5%, there’s a Temporary Arrangement until January 2025. You’ve got to use an assumed strength of 12.5% for your Alcohol Duty calculations. 


But let’s be honest, we know all this can be a bit confusing to work out the calculations and regulations on your own. That’s where @NG-Terminal can step in. 🤝 


We offer Excise Goods Handling services, looking after your alcohol and tobacco products with secure storage and transport, complete with full excise-duty suspension. Plus, we provide hassle-free forwarding by air, sea, lorry, and rail, backed by 24×7 CCTV coverage and a direct alarm system linked with the local bobbies. 


Let NG-Terminal help you navigate the Alcohol Duty landscape and support your business growth. It’s not just about shifting goods, it’s about making things easier for you. 🚚📦🍷🍺 


Fancy a chat about all this? Drop us a line at ngtbd@ng-terminal.com – we’re always here to lend a hand. 


Remember, life’s a journey, and we’re chuffed to be part of yours. 🌏✨  



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