Attention to all involved in the customs sector: HM Revenue & Customs has recently issued a consultation on the introduction of a voluntary standard for customs intermediaries. The objective of this proposal is to enhance the quality of service across the industry. The consultation invites insights on the aims, design, implementation, and potential content of the standard, as well as possible educational offerings for the intermediary sector​​. For details, please visit:
At NG Terminal, we are situated right next to London Heathrow Airport #LHR and operate from a 15,000 SQF customs bonded facility. We provide a diverse range of services, including Multi-Modal Import & Export, E-commerce Logistics, Excisable goods, B2B/B2C/C2C consignments, and Reverse Logistics. As an Authorised Economic Operator (#AEO) approved by UK HM& Customs, we are committed to maintaining high standards of customs compliance and enhancing cross-border trade efficiency​​.
We recognise the importance of this consultation and encourage all our industry colleagues to engage with it. The collective insights and experiences of the sector can help shape a more robust and efficient customs intermediary industry.



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